“People ignore design that ignores people.”


The Summer House is passionate about being an active part of the community – developing unique project concepts; and offering pro bono design hours to a select number of non-profit organizations each year. Partnered with other individuals and local businesses, the Summer House is currently working on projects focused in land preservation and conservation, eco- and agri-tourism, special education, mental health awareness and nature-based/animal-assisted therapy interventions.


Founder / Creative Director


Nature-based Therapy


The Discovery Trail at Rocky Creek is an equine-accessible, multi-dimensional outdoor sensory experience intended for therapeutic and educational use. Our mission is to create an environment for guests of all ages and abilities to: experience the outdoors in a safe and delightful way; reach for and achieve therapeutic, educational and personal goals; and have an opportunity to learn from, and develop a relationship with horses {and other animals, including wildlife}.


Founder / Executive Director


Equine Therapy, Non-profit


Equuvation Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization, aspires to promote innovation, education, collaboration and professional service delivery in any field of activity leveraging the horse-human connection. All of the Corporation’s activities will be conducted prioritizing equine welfare through the respectful and humane treatment of horses; and all activities will operate under the values of compassion, equality, collaboration, open-mindedness and integrity. The Discovery Trail is a project of Equuvation.


Creative / Co-owner


Natural Foods, Environment


Crafted Honey Co. produces 100% pure and raw honey varietals in small-batches. Created from both cultivated and naturally wild sources that are rich with biodiversity, our honey is the product of millions of happy bees, thoughtfully cared for and sustainably farmed. Crafted Honey Co. seeks to shift the way people think about honey; and to encourage others to appreciate honeybees for the vital role they play in our food system. We are dedicated to growing our company with transparent and ethical business practices, appealing to consumers who care about how and where their food is sourced. We breed only Russian honeybees with pure genetics and encourage other beekeepers to realize their many benefits. Our focus has resulted in a sustainably farmed honey that has earned both Certified Naturally Grown and Certified Bee Friendly accreditations. 


Creative Director / Partner


Nonprofit, Community


The Society Guide is a membership based program that works to connect nonprofits to high net worth donors and their advisors. The flagship benefit of membership is inclusion in the annual Giving Book {curated source for local changemakers} - a handsomely designed catalog of our nonprofit members, showcasing their impact in the community with artistic photography and compelling narratives. The mission of The Society Guide is: to connect those serving the community with the resources to do so greatly; to provide a dossier of highly effective nonprofits to those who seek opportunities to use their wealth to help impact their community; and to provide philanthropists and the organizations they support with the strategic tools and resources to yield the highest return on their charitable investments.


Print Designer / Photographer


Eco-tourism, Conservation


The Boat Company, founded in 1980, excels at providing memorable Alaskan vacations on board two beautifully crafted wooden-hulled minesweeper vessels. The abundance of both trout and salmon make fly-fishing and spin casting in the coves and streams comparable to any in the world; and TBC’s Forest Service permits enable guests to observe wildlife up close, and to explore old-growth forests and tidal wetlands – on foot and by kayak – experiences that other outfitters can only sail past. By way of small boat Alaska cruises, The Boat Company seeks to expose guests in a very personal way to the special place that is Southeast Alaska; with the hope that their eco-tours inspire more and more people to join in conserving and preserving one of the Earth’s last great wild and beautiful places for future generations.

“Design is an art of situations. Designers respond to a need, a problem, a circumstance, that arises in the world. The best work is produced in relation to interesting situations – an open-minded client, a good cause, or great content.”