home, again

"Sometimes I’m amazed that I spend my days creating magic and fantasy and that people buy it. It’s like connecting with the inner child in me; I’m just having a great time, and I’m chuckling to myself that this is really happening, that I can do this with my life."


In the last eight months, I've spent a lot of time "chuckling to myself that this is really happening." A move from "the big city" to just inside the North Carolina foothills has positively affected my health, my creativity, my perspective. And it has also consumed every minute of every day. So, for those who still follow me, thank you. And for those clients who have become a part of my life in 2013, thank you. It may have been a year since my last blog entry and my last portfolio update, but it has been a year (so far) filled with creative opportunity and wonderful collaboration. 

Time to simplify. Focus on family, business, design, volunteering. Handwritten notes. Blog entires. Project dissection. Big (and bigger) ideas. And, a cleaner look. On we go.